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Caution: These are not DIY projects for beginners. High voltages are involved that can kill you. Do not attempt to build
these (or any other similar high-voltage) circuits if you don't know what you're doing. This site is not a how-to guide for newbies,
but rather a resource for experienced electronics hobbyists.

Revolution Recording Equipment Redd.47 Mic Preamp

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Redd.47 Photos:
RTB Mic Preamp

Front | Inside Top | Inside Front Panel | Rack

Redd.47 Audio:

Recent Demo 3/31/11: Wichita Lineman (Gibson LG-0)

MP3 Rhythm Tracks | MP3 Clips

Redd.47 Notes:

The "Beatle Preamp"

Source: John Hinson, Revolution Recording Equipment - California, USA.

Thanks John!

Reproduction of the original REDD.47 mic preamp that was utilized at Abbey Road EMI Studios during the mid to late 60's.

"...The REDD.47 was a wonderful sounding amplifier and was by far the most-used mic amp on Beatles sessions, being called upon for essentially every Beatles track recorded after 1963. It was certainly responsible for some of the unique character of the 1964-1968 Beatles recordings, particularly in the edgy treble regions."

- Recording The Beatles

This reproduction follows the original REDD.47 EMI circuit featuring EF86 and E88CC valves, with integrated power supply (super-filtered and regulated) and additional outboard REDD.51 desk componentry consisting of bass-lift, phantom, attenuation, 10dB pad and phase.

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