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Caution: These are not DIY projects for beginners. High voltages are involved that can kill you. Do not attempt to build
these (or any other similar high-voltage) circuits if you don't know what you're doing. This site is not a how-to guide for newbies,
but rather a resource for experienced electronics hobbyists.

DIY Vacuum Tube Direct Box

Tube DI DIYTube DI Photos:

Top | Inside | Rear | Fired Up | Painted and Racked


Quiet Storm Recorded 12/4/08 with '68 335 -> Tube DI -> Redd.47 -> Pultec (flat) -> La2a (compressing lightly).

MP3 Rhythm Tracks | MP3 Clips

Tube DI Notes:

I put this simple circuit together with some help from John Hinson at Revolution Recording Equipment.

Although the DI works and sounds fine, I'm going to be making some alterations to the design, so I will not post the schematic and layout until this work is completed. However, in the interim, building a tube DI is much easier and less expensive than building a mic preamp - there are just a few parts - I encourage anyone to design a circuit and experiment.

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